Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting system:

The college has established rainwater harvesting, rainwater soak pits which collect rainwater from the rooftops of the buildings in the campus with filters attached to prevent contamination of water harvested. The harvested water is diverted to open wells in the campus.

Water Purification:

An R.O. water purifying system was established in the college in the year 2017-18. So as to solve the issue of drinking water paucity. The RO water plant has a capacity of 2000 liters. As a result of the facility provided in the college, the grievance of drinking water had been addressed. Since then the students have had the RO purified water. In the process of purifying water, a good amount of water is filtered and remained as wastewater. But the water doesn’t let go wasted. We use and have been using wastewater of filtration for the college needs. The water is sent into the overhead tanks through the pipeline system. Later, the same is used for the needs of Labs, Departments, and other rooms such as Washrooms and watering the plants in the botanical garden etc. Thus, the wastewater has been effectively used for the domestic purposes of the college.

Wastewater from R.O Plant Usage:

The recycled treated water from R.O. treatment plant has been effectively used to for toilets and watering the plants of the ground. Maintenance of water bodies and distribution systems in the campus. Frequent cleaning of storage tanks is carried out for the provision of quality and potable water. Inspection for Pipe leakages and check valves are carried out at regular intervals and replaced immediately if found any damage.