About Examination Cell

a) Degree (Continuous InternalAssessment):

2 Descriptive exams are to be conducted and average marks is considered for 25 marks.

b) Internal&External (lab)Examinations:

  • Preparation of examination schedule by EC
  • The schedule is displayed on the notice board of the lab for the benefit of students by respective lab I/c
  • Conduct of examination and evaluation by the EXTERNAL appointed by Krishna University.
  • .After completed of External practical Examination, the OMR sheets send to KU

c)  End Semester (theory)Examinations:

  • The time table schedule is sent to the respective Department-inchargeswith a request to circulate among the staff and students and the same is displayed on all the noticeboards
  • Seating arrangement with room numbers is to be prepared as per the format, one copy is to be retained with the examination branch and another is to be displayed on exam day for the benefit of thestudents.
  • An invigilation chart is prepared with the details of time, duration of exam, day, name of the staff member and date along with instructions as per theguidelines.
  • Full invigilation chart is to be circulated to all and individual invigilation chart is to be circulated to the concerned faculty member, one copy of it is retained in the examination branch for writing day-wiseinvigilation
  • A circular to staff issued that in case of availing leave for personal reasons alternative arrangement in the prescribed format, should bemade.
  • The I/c of examinations is to clearly educate the mode of conduct of examinations to invigilators before the commencement of the examinations. Copies of instructions to the invigilators are alsodistributed.
  • The I/c of examinations is to distribute the pads containing required materials to invigilators half an hour before the commencement of theexaminations
  • The seating plan for each room is prepared and attached to the sealed cover containing question papers and distributed to the examination halls under the supervision of theobserver
  • According to the seating plan the invigilators distribute the question papers subject wise and setwise
  • The invigilators mark the absentees in the seating plan in red ink, The absentee list is collected by the examination branch to prepare seating-room statements and prepare D-forms accordingly which are countersigned by the Observer and Chief superintendent /Principal.
  • I/c of examinations is to ensure receipt of the answer scripts from the invigilators. The answer scripts shall be packed set wise, branch wise, sealed and kept ready for evaluation.
  • If any malpractice case is found, it will be brought to the notice of the Chief Superintendent and necessary action will be taken as per theguidelines.


  1. The list of invigilators who do not report for duty without making alternative arrangements is prepared and sent to the Principal on every examination day for necessaryaction.
  2. A list of persons who performed duties for external examinations (Theory and Lab) is prepared for payment of remuneration and the amount is disbursed to the concerned after taking the amount from accountssection.
  3. The invigilators shall not leave the examination hall before the end of examination without intimating the Incharge ofexaminations.
  4. The invigilators can leave the hall for a few minutes only after their duty is taken over by areliever.