Fitness is the ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly, to enjoy leisure-time activities and to meet emergency demands. Many of us are aware of the basic benefits of fitness. It helps us to perform our life activities smoothly and effectively.

All educationists recognize the value of physical exercise and fitness today. Books develop our mind and physical exercise develops our body. A sound mind is always there in a sound body.

Hence, the physical education department of Y.V.N.R. GDC with its scientific approach enables the players, coaches as well as individuals who want to be physically fit, emotionally well balanced and socially adjustable.

The college gives topmost priority to physical education department by allotting at least one period a day for games and sports for each class in the academic time table and by giving substantial importance to conduct tournaments and association matches in the college. It added pride to the department when many former students of the college chosethe field of physical education as their professional career by acquiring undergraduate diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.