Accreditation Details

                Holistic development in harmony with quality and quantity based sustainable progress is the one of the prime goal of every Higher education institute on the educational arena. Focusing on the need of changing knowledge society, tuning the educational infrastructure and imparting quality modern teaching learning process is pre requisite.  Continuous assessment and accreditation is essential to retrospect its strength and weakness, March in right direction. YVNR GDC, Kaikaluru, is no exception. Assessment helps Institution to know its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through an informed review process.

                 From its inception, making leaps and bound towards progress in terms of developments in facilities and faculties to impart quality education and self assed. Based on the NAAC peer team assessment in terms of quality and quantity with documentary evidences for the first accreditation and successful in accrediting with “B” Grade during 2007.

                 With continued teamwork and progress, focusing on the skill based teaching and learning, bringing distinctive progress in all aspects our college assessed in 2nd cycle during 2017 by NAAC and accredited with “B+” grade with CGPA of 2.61.